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  • 08 January, 2021




We are thrilled that our European community has joined our big Point Blank Family, we will always be supporting our community with great services and activities to keep sharp!


You will be always up to date with our latest news and updates here on our website,

You will find the news, patch notes, and active and past events here as well, so keep an eye out!


And also do not forget to follow us on our Instagram page to catch up with all the latest news in real-time! As we will be sharing and posting all of our updates there so you can be notified directly

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And did you know that we also created a Discord server for our European Community? 

There, you can engage with the community, meet new friends, and create new teams and clans, and of course, you will be catching up with the latest updates, and you will be able to ask our GM teams and get the needed support for any kind of requirement, and also you will be engaging with special discord events that will provide great and unique rewards for who participates!  

Join our Discord:


Also, you can download our TAM Game App, so you can stay up to date with all the news, check your game stats and inventory, and keep track of all the news and updates and events, and most importantly, to earn rewards through the daily spin from our TAM Game App!


Download it now!

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And last but not least,

TAM Game also offers a separate store for our game which you can reach through your PC or Mobile phone, so you don’t miss out on the special deals and the new releases, where you will be able to purchase all of our new products through TAM Store, and also some of our exclusive deals!




TAM Store:


Play Fast, Win Hard!


Point Blank ll TAM Game Team