• Step Up Mode Weapons Renewed
  • 11 January, 2022

Dear Point Blank Warriors,



Step Up Mode calling you for Galaxy War!



Starting Weapons ➤ APC9 Milkyway | Kriss S.V Darkness | OA-93 Nova


20 Kill Stage Weapons ➤ Cerberus Milkyway | M1887 GSL 2018 | Remington ETA MechHero


40 Kill Stage Weapons ➤ Cheytac M200 Neon | Tactilite T2 EvosGalaxy | AS-50 Beyond


50 Kill Stage Weapons ➤ SC-2010 EvoGalaxy | MSBS Milkyway | AUG A3 Neon


60 Kill Stage Weapons ➤ R.B 454 SS8M +S Milkyway | C. Python G | U22 Neos Cyberpunk Deluxe


70 Kill Stage Weapons ➤ Fang Blade Star | Karambit GLS | Boneknife Milkyway





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