• Kings Of The Hill Matches Announced!
  • 18 May, 2023

Dear Troopers,

The Kings of the Hill title is searching for its owner!!!

The first matches will start on Friday, May 19th at 18:30 PM TR Timezone. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and Finals will be broadcasted by GM Flaiht on TikTok platform and with MOD_Razzi  on the Facebook Youtube pages.

Let's gather and watch together the finals with amazing rewards! Watch GM Flaiht's and MOD_Razzi's live streams and win amazing coupons and gifts!


Bracket: King Of The Hill (MENA & EU) - Challonge


💡 The correct and complete registrations have been approved. 


- The matches will be held on Tournament Server 3 - Event server.

- The Esports team organizers advise participants to ensure their readiness and preparedness 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

-  The use of macros mouses is strictly prohibited, and if a player is detected using it, he and his team will be eliminated.

- It is mandatory to adhere to the rules regarding weapons and prohibited items, which are as follows: Azure dragon, pink dragon, bow, idol characters, wp smokes, wp smoke plus, cs gas, animated series, and medical kit

And adherence to the allowed items only:

Grenade Slot +1
Quick Change Magazine
Quick Change Weapon
Valentine Chocolate HP+10
Dalgona Cookie HP+10


Please note that when violating the rules, the round will be counted in favor of the opposing team.

See you all on the battlefield 👊👊