• Ranking Tournament Registrations Started
  • 26 July, 2023

Dear soldiers,

Your opportunity to achieve global recognition and play with Point Blank players from around the world is now available

With the revamped PBST system, only 2 teams from the MENA&EU region will be able to compete in the Turkey or Azerbaijan League.


Register your team for the Qualifying Tournament and compete for promotion to the League!


This is the last chance for only 2 teams from the Qualifying Tournament to qualify for the league phase starting in September!


The prize pool of PBST 2023 Season-2 is 250.000 TL in total!


Things to Consider:


- 5+1 MENA&EU will compete in Ranking tournament. Foreign player registration will not be accepted.

- It is mandatory to fill in and submit the requested information completely.

- The VIDEO system applied in the past seasons will be valid.

- After the qualifying tournament, the League phase will have 2 teams. Teams that manage to advance to the league will be given accounts specific to PBIC rules.

- Videos must be sent within "2" hours after the matches are completed. Teams that do not submit videos will be directly disqualified.

- The Ranking Tournament will be played according to PBIC rules.


Video Guidelines:


Registration Form:

Registration Deadline: Saturday, August 12, 13:00


Tournament Dates:


Tournament dates may vary depending on the number of participating teams.


- August 21 - 20:00 - Day 1 - Start of Week 2

- August 22 - Video Watching Day

- August 23 - 20:00 - Day 2 

- August 24 - Video Watching Day

- August 25 - 20:00 - Day 3

- August 26 - Video Watching Day

- August 27 - 20:00 - Day 4

- August 28 - The Ranking Tournament has ended.


We wish success to all teams as Esports Team.