• Battle Pass New Season has Begun!
  • 05 September, 2023

Dear Point Blank Warriors,

Battle Pass season 8 has begun!




Permanent weapons, characters and much more will be waiting for you in the Vengeance War season!


Here are a few details from the Vengeance War season;



🤜 The Battle of Vengeance Season will end on October 24.


🤜 This season's prices are the same as the previous season, and the products in the season have been strengthened.


🤜 More functional products have been added.


🤜 The reward scheme for Assault and Light Machine weights has been adjusted


🤜 The Vengeance War Season will consist of a total of 50 levels.






- Tactician Keen Eyes






- Tactician Viper Red (Normal) (Repaired)





- SC-2010 Silencer Tactical (Permanent)



- T77 Tactical







- Tactical Spray  (Permanent)




- Tactical Name Card  (Permanent)

In addition, players who have Battle Pass Premium will be able to benefit from the special market. Here are the products exclusive to Premium owners only:

Battle Pass Premium Market


➡️ Season Exp Boost 20%


➡️ Season Exp Boost 30%


➡️ Season Exp Boost 50%


➡️ Tactical Mask


➡️ Tactician Viper Red


➡️ Tactician Keen Eyes


➡️ Silver Tactical Medal Accessory


➡️ Bronze Tactical Medal Accessory


➡️ Gold Tactical Medal Accessory


➡️ Active Camouflage 99%


➡️AUG A3 Silence Tactical


➡️ T77 Tactical


➡️ Bora-12 Tactical


➡️ SPAS-15 MCS Tactical

➡️R.B 454 SS8M+S Tactical

➡️Fang Blade Tactical

➡️Anti Flash Bang Mask

➡️Cheytac M200 Knight

➡️T77 Knight

➡️Zombie Slayer Knight

➡️Shield Knight

➡️Knight Sword

➡️Knight Helmet

➡️Explosive Search Kit

➡️Baseball Bat

➡️Death Set

➡️Skull Mask

➡️SC-2010 TBA Tactical

➡️HK416 TBA Tactical


➡️Mega HP 10%

➡️Hollow Point Bullet Plus

➡️Valentine Chocolate

➡️Metal Bullet Proof Vest

➡️Barrett M82A1 Knight

➡️Medium brown flower wig

➡️Ash Grey Short Bob wig

➡️Rainbow Afro wig

➡️Archer CrossBow

➡️Dalgona Cookie

➡️Mercury Saber


➡️Pink Dragon



🙋‍♀️ What is Battle Pass?


You earn XP as you play in the Battle Pass. With the XP you earn, you can level up and have great rewards.


🙋‍♀️ How many XP can I earn per day for Battle Pass?



The total daily XP limit for this season will be 1000. At midnight the XP limit resets.



🙋‍♀️ Two options appear on the Battle Pass screen. What are these?



There are two options in Battle Pass, Free and Premium. In the free section, you can earn products only by obtaining XP without using TG. In order to benefit from premium rewards, you must purchase a season ticket.




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