• Battle Pass New Season has Begun!
  • 14 April, 2024

Dear Point Blank Warriors,



Battle Pass season 12 has started.





👉 Battle Pass PBIC2024 International Pass season will be active between April 16 and June 5.



👉 The Battle Pass season will consist of 60 levels. You can win beautiful gifts at every level.


👉 Battle Pass season will consist of two options: Free and Premium. All our players who log in to the game will be able to benefit from the level 1 reward in the free option.





❗ Players who want to benefit from Battle Pass premium must purchase the Battle Pass. ❗ 



✔ If you buy a battle pass after reaching a certain level in the free option, your premium level will be the same as the level in the free option. This means you will be able to benefit from all the rewards up to your current level.




👉 You need Season XP to increase your Battle Pass level. You can earn Season XP by playing games.






🤙 This Battle Pass season, Night Vision series is waiting for you.









👻 Battle Pass Season 12: You will be able to earn 6 permanent items in the Night Vision season.👻 






💨 Permanent Characters:






💨 Features of Saiga-12 CQB Night Vision (R) that you can gain permanently:











💯 In addition, our players who have Battle Pass Premium will be able to benefit from the Battle Pass Premium Market in the TAM Store.

You can find details about the Battle Pass Market here





💥 Nfinity Games reserves the right to make changes to events and prizes.

💥 If your Battle Pass level has increased but you cannot shop in the Battle Pass Premium market, please log out of your in-game account, log in again and try to shop.



👉 Join Us, Don't Stay Informed 👈